Institute of Peace, Leadership & Governance

The twenty-first century sees Africa still embroiled in numerous major challenges in the political, social and economic development domains. In addition, the reality of globalization challenges African institutions to transform themselves into more effective instruments for Africa’s participation in the new world order. However, opportunities to launch sustainable processes for African development have been severely constrained by political instability, leadership, management and governance problems, civil strife and abject poverty. These conditions prevent Africa from achieving the transformation it needs to face the challenges of a highly competitive and open global environment.

The situation calls for sustained efforts to provide the leaders, organized interests and civil society groups in Africa with opportunities to develop appropriate skills and attitudes. The creation of the Institute of Peace, Leadership and Governance at Africa University is a bold attempt to respond to this need. The Institute seeks to contribute to a culture of peace, good governance, security and socio-economic development across the entire continent through research, teaching, networking and community-level action.

The vision of the Institute is to contribute to the building of a peaceful and prosperous Africa through the development of good governance in all institutions.

Its mission is to provide a forum for debate, training and research needed for the promotion of peace, responsive leadership and good governance to meet the challenges facing the continent today.

The Institute is designed to:

  1. Provide a focus for training, research and documentation with a view to developing the skills of students and practitioners in the areas of peace, leadership and good governance in Africa;
  2. Provide opportunities for the co-ordination of existing security, democratic governance and development activities, as well as a forum for networking among institutions pursuing similar objectives;
  3. Integrate and continuously nurture the networks so that they can effectively carry out their work on governance in their respective environments and where possible, assist in peace- making and conflict management;
  4. Develop a documentation and learning resource centre on peace, leadership and governance of international standing;
  5. Provide a framework for the development, in the African context, of a definition of the concepts of peace, international development, security and governance.
  6. Establish a centre for conflict resolution and mediation where specialists, with the assistance of African eminent personalities, will support the search for peace and security in Africa;
  7. Develop and strengthen local centres of excellence in peace, leadership and governance in various parts of Africa and;
  8. Offer high quality professional, academic and training programmes on a cost recovery basis.