Institute of Peace, Leadership & Governance

IPLG alumni work in a variety of contexts, including civil society and academia. Some notable examples:

Ms. Acio Esther (Uganda)
United Movement to End Child Soldiering in Uganda
Currently She is a social worker helping the victimized child soldiers and their victims reconcile and heal

Rev Silva Ranchaze (Mozambique)
Head of Department of Planning & Cooperation at Higher Institute For International Relations,
University Campus, Rua do Grande.

Mr. Anastasio Chembeze (Mozambique)
Researcher, Higher Institute of Public Administration (ISAP), Mozambique

Ms. Gertrude Shumba (Zimbabwe)
Deputy Director with the Family AIDS Caring Trust in Zimbabwe.



Mr. Rodgers Manungo (Zimbabwe)
Head of Department  in in Peace Studies, Faculty of Arts, Solusi University, Zimbabwe

Rev Mande Muyombo (DRC)
Assistant Secretary General: Justice and Relationships Mission and Evangelism, General Board of Global Ministries, United Methodist Church New York and also an  Africa University Board Member

Ms Getrude Chimange (Zimbabwe)
Coordinator at Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace and a  recipient of the  European Human Rights Defenders Award in 2014

Mr Solomon Mungure (Zimbabwe)
IPLG Fellow is completing his Ph.D. and rejoining IPLG.